Opportunity and Challenges

Every event has its own challenges and our work with some great customers informed our roadmap and we have delivered new functionality to improve data integration and real-time analytics.

Each Speaker Session can have a moderator or a host and be assessed by staff including an image capture facility.

Certification, passport information and emails can be recorded against each speaker – very important in markets such as Middle East.

Find your speakers, notification of arrival in country are all included as part of the high-quality user experience.



GDPR Compliance / Increased security

Once a set of VIP data is printed and carried into a public space, the organisation has effectively “lost control” of that data. Enabling ALL data to be only accessed securely by designated staff prevents the potential risk of breach. No longer are staff holding onto multiple large spreadsheets with all Speakers’ and VIPs’ contact & travel arrangements.

Reduced Costs

As organisers no longer need to have multiple welcome points, runners and spreadsheets there is a staff saving on site as efficient communication and real time access to what is happening enables time savings across the event.

As your management process becomes more efficient less time is needed to set up and manage communications pre and post event.

Increased Revenue

The enhanced service ensures your event can accommodate more VIPs and through service comparison leverage higher ticket and package rates. Integrated flight feeds for example enable the efficient delivery of airport based welcome services.

Increases Quality of experience

With such a tailored service Speakers & VIPs perceive an improved service, one that ensures the highest quality of return speakers and faster resign rates across the VIP packages.

Improved Communication

No need for expensive and inefficient communication on site. Utilising the latest messaging functions real time messages are targeted at the staff that need them.

Smartbadges – New Service Revenue streams

The use of Smartbadges enables not only further savings in terms of time, through knowing the location of your Speakers and VIPS, but also post and real time analysis of the use of event services and the ability to deliver further revenue streams through NFC services such as access control, content and micro payments.


Solution Capabilities

From application integration with analytics and high viz UI dashboards to:
  • Simple event creation process: log-in, import logo and create event (or access a previously set-up event).
  • Set-up users and access rights, then upload data via the show ‘status dashboard’.
  • Portal shows details on each VIP/Speaker, including biography, beacon, comments, speaker slots (if assigned).
  • The ability to export data, for example via CSV, for all activity or a single day is available for additional analysis.
  • Portal also has a click through to detailed biography information, information, contact details and notes on each speaker.
  • Further detailed views of speakers, speaking slots, material, rehearsals, technology requirements and venues are also available.
  • iPad application, mirroring the content in the back end and designed to work online and offline (with synchronization on next connection). Downloaded from iTunes store.
  • Clear, simple home page and user navigation and allowing visibility of all VIPs, recently landed, flight information, speaker slots and speaker content.
  • Clicking on an individual record allows individual detail to be accessed, push notifications, comments, email to VIP/speaker, status (permissions on presentations, checked-in)
  • Speaker slot functionality enables event managers to see who is checked-in (“Is my speaker here?”) and to filter (e.g. by presentation location).
  • Slot details presents all the information relating to that event, including who is organising the slot, contact details etc.
  • Presentations and other content can also be access through the app. There is no limit on the amount of content that can be upload.
  • When smart badges (beacons), or other location enabling technology is deployed, ‘Near you’ functionality will show VIPs/Speakers within 50m of the user. Proximity alerts can also be enabled for beacons coming into range.
  • ‘Find me’ functionality will tell a host the last location of a VIP/Speaker.
  • The back-end CMS enables analysis of the journey through an event, with dwell time analysis and other behavioral insights that can be generated.

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