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Our best-in-class healthcare software development, app and mobile development and cloud migration services, enable healthcare clients to effectively address their most crucial, pressing issues and complexities, in a cost-effective manner.



Healthcare is one of the largest worldwide sectors and in many countries where demographic changes place resources under increasing strain, the funding cannot keep pace with demand.

Furthermore, the pressure from limited investment prevents investment in the very technologies that will deliver substantial cost reduction, improve working processes and benefits of digitisation. This is despite of price accessibility now afforded by agile development and latest SaaS tools.

  • Increasing Costs of delivery
  • Healthcare demand
  • Constant budgetary pressures
  • Exponential growth of data
  • Exacting regulatory requirements
  • Managing Operational and IT Risks
  • Information access and visibility
  • Workforce Management

Healthcare IT Services has a major role to play in terms of enabling the healthcare sector to achieve higher quality patient care, reduce cost of care delivery for organisation and patient or customer. Application design must be to the latest customer experience to ensure accurate, ease of use by staff and ease of access and understanding for the patient or customer.



With many years of experience of multiple technologies in the healthcare sector, we have enabled customers to realise the benefits of migrating to cloud technology; delivered multiple benefits such as greater efficiency in operations, compliance, insightful decision making, renewed consumer experience with sustainable, personalised, patient-centric and cost-effective patient portals.

As a Healthcare Software Development Company, we've developed, delivered and supported:

  • Cloud application that captures Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), enables patients and doctors to actively monitor joint conditions.
  • Platform that delivers pre-operative planning, patient specific instruments and complex surgical solutions and supports a fully tailored joint replacement process, from surgical planning to recovery that also supports a web-based surgical planning system. This enables surgeons to upload patient scans and trial different surgical scenarios pre-operatively.
  • Application migration to AWS and Microsoft Azure to substantially reduce hosting costs.
  • Cloud migration to benefit from the latest technical development and service offerings.
  • Embedded processes that support security and compliance.
  • Management by exception.

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