Our suite of PHP Development Services

Explore our growing range of PHP development services that aspires to enable every business with a custom-built website.

Custom Web Applications

Custom-built and not cookie-cut is the future of web development. We will help you leverage PHP’s open-source capabilities and thousands of libraries to build custom web applications.

Content Management System

Unique business models require robust content management systems. An off-the-shelf CMS may not serve your business well. Allow us to build one for you with the might of PHP.

Enterprise Web Portal

PHP’s server-side scripting will help create web-based solutions, desktop applications and customized enterprise applications that can help your business work efficiently.

Backend Solutions

Like a performance car’s turbo-powered engine, every robust web application requires a strong backend. We will help you build the most powerful, stable & scalable backends with PHP as the foundation.

Cloud SaaS Application

The future of the web is vested in the cloud. A cloud-based SaaS solution can empower your workforce, lighten your workload and maximize productivity. Our PHP development services offers all of that.

CRM Solutions

As an open-source development framework, PHP makes it possible to build high-end CRM solutions that can help manage your customer data, sales pipeline and selling efforts.

Benefits of PHP

As a web development framework, PHP bestows its users with a range of benefits that simplifies the task of delivering efficient and affordable web development.


Why choose PHP framework?

Thousands of open source libraries that can take your web application performance to new highs.
Fits perfectly for eCommerce web development that requires thousands of product pages to load lightning fast.
PHP has a built-In HTTP Server which makes it easy to develop and test applications locally. Eliminates the need to configure a full-featured web server such as Apache/Nginx.
Supports any hosting environment like Windows, Linux and Mac. This makes PHP an extremely flexible and universally supported web development framework.
Direct integration with HTML and CSSDirect integration with HTML and CSS. Requires no additional plugins or software to create interactive web pages on WordPress, Drupal or Joomla that can gather user input.
Responsive display that displays the best version of the website that suits the screen size display configuration of the user system.
Why choose us

Expertise, experience & commitment

Webequator is driven by a burning passion to help clients reach their goals in the most efficient manner. To serve that purpose we bring together our collective expertise, experience and professional commitment.

PHP Solution Expertise

Expertise that has been honed to perfection with over a decade long experience of serving a global client base.

Secure Development

PHP development initiatives that puts client data integrity and security at the help.

Proficient Developers

We have assembled a world-class team of PHP developers who can accomplish any challenging requirement.

Customer Satisfaction

An inspired team of professionals who have vowed to deliver nothing but the best service for our customers.

On Time Delivery

A well-defined project management plan combined with efficient project managers ensure that your projects are delivered on time, everytime.

Maintenance and Support

Webeqautor takes pride in providing continued maintenance and support to our customers at any time and in any mode that they want.

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